In creating a highly carved chair or a simple end table, we begin the process with a series of drawings. Inspiration may come from photographs, a museum piece, measurements, or simply a rough idea presented by our clients. Most pieces are drawn full-scale as this is the best way to assure a piece is correctly proportioned. A full-size sample may be made to ensure that a design with three-dimensional features is correct from all viewing angles.

Next in the process is the selection of wood. We have a comprehensive inventory of hard-to-find woods including mahogany, walnut, tiger maple, flame birch, and other highly figured hardwoods. Most of the lumber we used is processed on site using our sawmill and dry kiln. We do not saw our logs for yield. We make cuts based on how the figure of the wood will be best showcased in our furniture. Sets of boards are kept together throughout the entire drying process. They are then labeled, cataloged and go on the shelf to wait for the perfect project.

We use time-tested construction techniques throughout each piece of furniture. Hand-cut dovetails and deep mortise and tenon joints are cut and fit one at a time by hand. From our experience in restoring antique furniture, we know what will stand the test of time and what will not.

Fine Carving is a desired attribute to our furniture. All carving is developed and done by hand in house. This assures the required continuity in all aspects of a highly carved piece.

Finishing is critical to the overall success of the piece. Whether it is an aged finish or a clean new finish, we will work with you so your new piece fits perfectly into your existing collection. To complete the piece, authentic hardware, and upholstery are chosen, with the client's full involvement.

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